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Changing the Natural Hair Game

Since 2015, we have changed the game for over 3000 women and their families with our unique combination of modern cosmetic science and indigenous African plant botanicals blended into high-performance natural beauty products for every natural hair type.
We use plant extracts such as hibiscus, holy basil, Nilotic shea butter and cocoa butter to formulate shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and stylers that address haircare challenges like dry scalp, dandruff and breakage.

  • No More Breakage

    I'm so happy! I used to lose almost a handful of hair on wash days, but not anymore. The anti-breakage set works wonders"

    - Grace

  • Detangling Made Easy

    "Your Tea Tree leave-in is life. I have the dryest of hair, but it makes detangling so effortless"


  • Instant Softness

    "My hair is so soft and moisturised. I'm so impressed with the Avoghee Mask & whipped butter because the effects were almost instant"

    - Dionne

  • Hair Love Affair

    I've been using the Berry Smoothie conditioner for a year now, and my hair loves it. If your hair is dry, you need to give this beauty a chance."